The MAVEN Program


Interested in becoming part of our exciting and growing team?

Regional "Prokennex Pickleball Mavens" represent Prokennex head to toe and everything that we stand for.


Alternatively known in the industry as a 'sales rep', a 'Prokennex Pickleball Maven' is more than just a sales person or ambassador playing with our products.  

A Prokennex Pickleball Maven is a special hybrid of:

  • Exclusive sponsored athlete 
  • Exemplary pickleball educator/role model in your community 
  • Knowledgeable and trusted sales person of our high quality paddles (carring inventory)
  • Any other 'special-sauce' elements you bring to our team!

We look forward to connecting with you about an opportunity in your region. 

Please message us and tell us where you are located.

We will follow up with next steps!