Player Advocate Team

Please click here to fill out the application and we will follow up with next steps! 

Do you enjoy:

-       Making Friends?

-       Loving People?

-       Sharing Your Passion & Knowledge of Pickleball?

-       Having Fun?

Then you may be interested in becoming part of our exciting and growing team!

"Prokennex Pickleball Player Advocates" act as player advocates by sharing the latest technology in pickleball equipment with players and gathering their feedback and suggestions to incorporate new improvements and ideas that are requested by pickleball players, our most valuable asset.

The role of the Prokennex Pickleball Player Advocate is to share the Prokennex experience by putting free demo paddles (and other equipment) in the hands of pickleball players to try, in exchange for player feedback. Player Advocates can also take orders on-site or provide information on how players can buy Prokennex products online if preferred. In addition, Player Advocates act as liaisons for pickleball facilities and players by introducing players to local pickleball courts.

A Prokennex Pickleball Player Advocate may be a special hybrid of:

  • Exclusive sponsored athlete 
  • Exemplary pickleball educator/role model in your community 
  • Knowledgeable and trusted representative of our high quality paddles
  • Any other 'special-sauce' elements you bring to our team!

We look forward to connecting with you about an opportunity in your neighborhood. 

Please click here to fill out the application and we will follow up with next steps! 


If you have a question before applying for the Player Advocate position please email us at