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my name is Steve Dawson and I’m going to tell you the strange but completely true story of how I rejected my doctor’s advice…

And accidentally stumbled into a technology so ingenious…

It has the power to permanently end the epidemic of “Tennis Elbow” in Pickleball players.

Discovered by an obsessive European scientist that used Newtonian physics to launch a breakthrough technology that has the power to help millions of Pickleball players enjoy the game pain free.

Imagine the feeling of playing in a state of flow - loose, confident and utilizing the full mechanics of gravity and swing motion - without the constant tinge of arm pain.

Imagine how it will feel to focus on the development of the point...

Rather than being in a constant state of subconscious (and conscious) fear that each shot will escalate your arm pain.

Sounds impossible?

I thought so too until I experienced it with my own two arms. Literally.

Inside this story, I will not only show you the proof that this technology has the power to help the growing pool of Pickleball players who endure and play through arm pain….

I’ll give you my own personal story on how the technology saved my professional Pickleball career.

I’ll even give you the risk-free steps you need to take today to test the validity of my claims.

In fact, I’m willing to guarantee that if you stick with me for the next five minutes or so…

You will go to sleep tonight filled with an overwhelming feeling of confidence and anticipation, because you’ll know that you’ve found the antidote for playing Pickleball pain free. For decades to come.

You’ll learn the excruciatingly simple secret that will lay out everything you need to protect your wrist, arm and elbow from the continuous breakdown of tendons from playing Pickleball, the sport you love.💙

i promise you...

There is an alternative to the painfully outdated advice of "rest, ice and fix technique” address Tennis Elbow.

Even if you have been suffering from Tennis elbow for years. (or do we call it Pickleball elbow?).

Or have been told that your style of play is creating the tension in your elbow.

Or are lucky and have yet to experience arm strain but intend to play the game for decades to come pain free.

And if it all sounds too good to be true, don’t worry.

So did 24,615 Pickleball players

players just like you...until they tried it themselves.

People like Jessica Crowley of Palm Beach Florida who writes:

When I first stumbled on your website and read your presentation, I was extremely skeptical. There are just so many promises nowadays when it comes to an “antidote” for anything.

But after giving it a shot myself, I’ve become a total convert. I can’t tell you how many people have told me how this technology has helped them play Pickleball pain free. It’s the best kept secret in Pickleball.”

Jessica Crowley

Palm Beach, Florida

And Jeffrey Rosen of Winterhaven Arizona, who says:

I’ve been dealing with crippling Tennis Elbow for decades. When I switched from tennis to Pickleball it got even worse. I played a few times but the pain was so bad in my elbow I had all but decided to give up the game. That’s why learning about this technology renewed so much hope that 110% delivered up to its promises. I now play 5 times a week at the 4.0 for hours at a time without a hint of arm strain.”

Jeffrey Rosen

Winterhaven, Arizona

I’m going to give you all of the details about how this science works, and tell you EVERYTHING you need to know to try it yourself with ZERO risk...


Let me quickly share with you who I am, and how I came to discover the secret system that can keep you playing Pickleball for decades to come without debilitating arm strain.

So like I said,

my name is Steve Dawson and I played and coached professional tennis for 30 years before making the switch to Pickleball 6 years ago.

I also own a 22-court Pickleball club in San Diego, California.

My wife’s name is Jennifer Dawson, who’s list of accomplishments is unmatched in the sport of Pickleball.

And while you might think I’m biased in saying that,

Raquet World was the magazine that called her “The Best Pickleball Player of All Time.” 🔥

She’s also won the US Open 5-times in a row (2017-2022) and is the very first Triple Crown Pickleball Champion winning singles, mixed doubles and doubles in a major tournament.

She’s kinda a big deal 🙂

My son is Callan Dawson, a PPA sponsored Pickleball pro. He tours the country playing the best players in the world and was briefly ranked #1 at the beginning of 2022.

I’ve won over 15 Majors since I started playing Pickleball in 2015.

And have had the honor of coaching and advising the best players and highest governing bodies of the sport.

In a nutshell, Pickleball is my


But my journey into Pickleball didn’t start off smoothly….

At all…

It began with a doctor’s appointment that took an unexpected left turn…


let me rewind a bit and explain my origin story into Pickleball

Like many Pickleball players I was originally dedicated to the sport of Tennis.

I was a 2 time Big-8 Tennis Champion for the University of Oklahoma and an ITF World Tennis Champion.

I was on top of the world…and

then in a blink of an eye I wasn’t.

While on an athletic scholarship I suffered a devastating injury to my serving arm. I had to drop out of college for an entire year just to rehabilitate my arm.

I came back the next year and learned to play hurt. It was terrible.

My fears and anxieties were at an

all time high —what if I injure

myself even more?

The power in my serve was gone and the pain started to wear me down mentally, physically and emotionally.

My childhood dreams of becoming a professional tennis player were fading. I felt lost and hopeless.

I was losing a part of my identity.
I was devastated, but I didn’t want to give up.


Physical therapy.

Helped relieve the pain, but only momentarily. I ended up spending $1000s with no permanent results.

Personal trainer

 My injuries worsened because I was in a constant state of recovery

OTC pain relievers.

I hated the harmful side effects and it was clearly a short term solution.

Braces and splints.

Negatively affected my play and only put a “band-aid” on the root cause of my pain.

Ice and rest.

Provided relief, but the aches and pains came roaring back as soon as I started playing again.


The doctor told me it would only have a 66% success rate and that I would lose power in my swing. Too risky for me.

The harsh reality is that None of these remedies addressed the physiological and Kinesiological mechanisms behind the cause of my injury and pain.

To add to the pain, my game had slipped tremendously. 💔

Instead of focusing on shot technique and point construction, I was only thinking of whether the shot I was about to hit would feel like a long needle piercing my elbow, or not.

I knew there had to be a

better way.

For years I scoured the library (pre-Internet) and implored my network of friends for a solution only to be discouraged and dismayed.

Everyone was using the same ineffective methods to address the issue.

They say it's about fixing your technique.

But if there’s one thing I’m known for is having picture-perfect form and technique.

I was about to give up and just accept that I would never be able to play again.

So there I was…

Sitting in the doctor’s office after my annual physical when we were discussing my elbow.

He was extremely concerned about the tendon damage that I had been building upon for years playing tennis.

The mobility on my arm was terrible due to all the wear and tear.

Then he said it.

The five words that echoed in my head for months

“You should quit racquet sports.”

Racquet sports had been my identity

i was gutted.

I told myself I would get a second opinion.

Grasping for the hope that another doctor would tell me it’s ok to keep playing.

But as fate would have it, that night I came across a study by MIT Spots Lab that was discussing their latest findings.

The study was titled, “Identifying the root cause of arm strain and tennis elbow."

I’m not sure why it happened the way it did.

Perhaps it’s divine timing or me just willing this information into existence, but what happened next literally changed my life.

I had known for so long that it wasn’t my technique that was causing my arm strain.

And rest and time off would only let the inflammation go down until I played again.

It was an endless hamster wheel that I felt trapped in.

Then this study by the smartest scientists in sports technology, verified everything I had assumed for so long

I mean, it’s MIT. I had to take it seriously.




But for whatever reason it’s utterly dismissed from the public discussion on addressing Tennis elbow.

The study found that the impact of a ball against a racket or paddle generates a tremendous amount of shock, torque and vibration.

That was my big Ah-Ha moment.

Shock and vibration.

That made total logical sense.

The study found that the impact of a ball against a racket or paddle generates a tremendous amount of impact shock and vibration.

That energy has nowhere to go so it transfers down the handle and directly into the player’s arm.

Imagine punching a wall with

your hand 20,000 times

Even if you hit the wall lightly, over time the tissue, cartilage, joints, nerves and muscles in your hand will crumble to dust.

This is what is happening to your wrist, arm and shoulder when you swing a paddle that doesn’t absorb the shock of the shot over and over.

It doesn’t matter if you are a 24 year old professional or a 60 year old beginner, pickleball players at any level experience aches, pains and injuries from this repetitive action.

The study even called arm strain and injury an “epidemic” in racket sports which will affect over 80% of players at least once in their career.

It also addressed the same mistakes I had been making...treating the symptoms of ailments...never the root cause.

Now that the real cause of the problem had been discovered.

The big question:

What’s next?

Later in the MIT Sports Lab paper it outlined a racket company that is the market leader in science, technology and innovation.

They were working to combat the epidemic of arm injury through Newtonian physics.

They had patented this really cool technology…

Tiny electronically charged tungsten beads that act as a capture mechanism for shock and vibration were put into the bevel of the tennis rackets.

That way the energy created upon the ball impacting the racquet (or paddle) is significantly absorbed and displaced at the source, not in the arm.

it was so simple

I always believed that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Well this was a pound of prevention to make the cure virtually irrelevant.


I started to look at reviews of this technology and was floored by the testimonials.

Hundreds of players who had crippling tennis elbow, just like me, had found complete freedom of pain by using this kinetic technology.

In fact, the technology was so powerful that they reached out to the tennis governing board, the ITF (International Tennis Federation).

In tennis there’s STRICT rules on what you can put in a tennis racquet.

The sport is FULL of tradition.

There was expected resistance at first about adding these tiny kinetic energy beads into the racquet as it was such a deviation from standard beliefs on tennis equipment…

But after reviewing the studies and looking at the MIT Sports Lab studies, the ITF came back and stated that it would be, “malpractice not to approve this technology in tennis racquets.”

The ultimate validation. MIT Sports Lab and the ITF Federation agreed.

This was ground-breaking technology.

The company behind this innovative technology that went on to help thousands of players eliminate arm strain derived from shock and vibration was called ProKennex.

I was entranced by what all this information was telling me.

I immediately took my bike from my University dorm room and rode it to the local tennis shop.

I didn’t even lock my bike up when I got to the shop and before I was half-way through the door, I exclaimed:

“I need a ProKennex tennis


The pro-shop owner responded with - “You have tennis elbow, huh?”

I told him that it was debilitating.

He handed me a ProKennex tennis racquet with a look that suggested he was handing me a treasure map.

The truth is - he was

Within a week of playing with ProKennex, my arm pain had all but evaporated.

I was playing looser and freer than ever before.

My extension on my one-handed backhand was fully expressed and I was hitting the ball harder than ever with less effort.

I had been playing so tense, almost flexing and fully tensing up my arm in an attempt to protect the pain.

Now I was able to rely on the kinetic technology in ProKennex racquets to protect my arm.

It's strange to say that racket technology brought me so much happiness.

But honestly, it did.

I thought the story would end


The next 25 years I played tennis exclusively with ProKennex.

I got to know the owners of the company, met with the scientists that were working every year to see how the kinetic technology was improving to eliminate more and more shock and vibration.

I got to know the owners of the company, met and spoke with the scientists and were encouraged by their dedication to making kinetic technology better and better each year, absorbing more shock, torque and vibration while also expanding the sweet spot.

It felt like family and I owed them my career.

I was their biggest non-paid spokesperson.

And felt indebted to them.

And that’s not hyperbole.

I met my wife, a collegiate tennis player at University San Diego from playing tennis.

And we opened up a club in San Diego due to my ability to continue to play tennis.

ProKennex has been such a special part of my life’s journey.

But what would happen a few years ago haunted me in ways that I hadn’t experienced in decades.

Let me explain.

In 2015 I had heard people begin to talk about Pickleball.

It sounded fun so I picked up a paddle and started to play.

I love telling people this story,
but after playing JUST ONCE, I turned to my wife and said:

“I’m never playing tennis again.”

I knew right then and there what I needed to do.

I would transform my tennis club into the premiere Pickleball club of San Diego.

It would be a place for the community to socialize and connect over an incredibly fun and inclusive sport.

Pickleball was such an amalgamation of everything I loved about racquet sports.

I was obsessed and would play for 6 hours a day for the first few months of learning about the game

Then it Happened.

I assumed it might.

But whenever I heard that voice in my head or felt that small tinge of pain in my elbow, I would actively silence the thought.

My tennis elbow wasn’t coming

back, right?

That was something that had long since been remedied, I told myself.

Just play through it, I argued.

The decades of playing with ProKennex tennis racquets must have made me immune to shock and vibration.

I kept trying to reason that inner voice in my head.

I knew that logic made zero sense.

It couldn’t be any other way, though

I started pleading with the universe.

The Racquet Gods?
Whatever you want to call them.

I had spent 30 plus years playing racquet sports and finally found the game that fed my passion and soul more than any other game.

And it would all be taken away because of nasty shock and vibration.

Once again.

To say it was an atrocious case of deja-vu is an understatement.

I wasn’t alone.

My Pickleball friends and people in the community all started to have the same issues.

It seemed that the shock and vibration from a Pickleball paddle was significantly harsher than even a tennis racquet.

We all listened to each other collectively commiserate.

Everyone was icing their arms after playing. And it wasn’t just older players.

It was agnostic to age.

I finally decided I could no longer live in denial.

My elbow was excruciating and getting worse by the day.

The mission was clear as day to me; I just needed to muster the confidence to make a call.

A call that, once again, changed everything.

I rang my good friend at ProKennex and exclaimed, point blank:

“We need your Kinetic technology

in Pickleball paddles.”

This was in 2015 and the sport of Pickleball was barely a blip on anyone’s radar.

They listened, but politely declined.

Ok, this was going to take some more convincing.

So I pushed back and counter-offered…

“What if I design the paddles, engineer them from a player’s perspective, innovate them for the growth of the sport and play-test all the concepts until they're absolutely perfect.”

I’ll even sell them for you….

“All I need from you guys is kinetic technology.”

There was a pause on the phone for what felt like 10 minutes.

That’s when it all came together.

And the universe that was crumbling around me started to neatly sew itself back together.

“Sure, Steve. Let’s give it a try.”

After pumping my fist and doing a happy dance for a few minutes, reality settled in.

The pressure was ON!

Little did I know, but that day marked the birth of ProKennex Pickleball,

A paddle that would come to help tens of thousands of players fix their arm problems.

Back then, however, I set out to create the perfect paddle.

I became the ideal “guinea pig” for pushing the limits of paddle innovation.

I knew the kinetic system would work in the Pickleball paddle, so my job was to get the paddle as close to perfection as humanly possible.

All while making it a USAPA approved paddle.

I was so excited I could barely sleep most nights.

I went to bed dreaming about paddle designs and woke up and would sketch new ideas and concepts all before my morning coffee.

It Wasn't Easy

There were a few things that displeased me about the current Pickleball paddle offerings:

Paddles were all made as three-piece systems. That means there are three pieces of material that are glued together to make a paddle. There’s the face of the paddle, the handle and a big rubber band that helps tie it all together.


We were going to make a single piece paddle. A true engineering feat where the paddle was one high-end piece of material, constructed with ultimate precision and state of the art technology.

Paddles were released so frequently and with reckless abandon. All my friends and local players would say the same thing ....”it’s like nobody even play-tested these paddles.”


This would be the first paddle created and play-tested by US Open professional players, not someone that has a hobby in Pickleball and perhaps a business degree. I would act as the litmus test for how effective the paddle played. I would never compare our paddle against another paddle company. I would only compare it against our own paddles, to maintain incredibly high standards. If we just tried to outperform our competitors, it would be too easy. We’d need to consistently outperform ourselves.

How do we end the epidemic of arm injury in Pickleball.


I knew the kinetic system ProKennex had patented would work, but where would we need to place the kinetic system to work perfectly. For that we’d need the help of scientists, engineers and advanced analytics and technology.

I had a set of problems and a set

of solutions and I was off.

I worked tirelessly to ensure the paddle performed at the highest level of competitive play while eliminating the damanaging wear and tear on the human body that comes from hitting a pickleball over and over and over.

I tested the paddles at home, at my club and in tournaments. I was obsessed.

I’d get 6 paddles sent from ProKennex based on my design sketches and raw material selections and play-test them all.

They’d each have slight engineering differences.

I’d pick my favorite, send that one back. And they studied their engineering and optimized off that selected paddle.

A month later they’d send me the paddle I liked without telling me which one it was, and 5 more modifications on my favorite from the previous round.

I’d pick my favorite and the cycle would continue.

No exaggeration, we did this for two years.

A big thanks to ProKennex for being so patient with me.

Many times I had thought we had gotten the perfect paddle, but I’d have this gut feeling that we could make it better, and would push back and request another round of optimizations.

It was a costly endeavor to have two years of research and development, but I knew if we could offer the Pickleball community a single-piece paddle, using the highest quality materials known to man while also including our patented kinetic system, players would respond.

And even though it was an arduous journey, I remember the moment I turned to my wife and said:

"We Got It."

The perfect paddle.

“It’s so fast in the hands that it feels like it’s flying through the air”, I explained.

“Let’s call it the Flight series.”

And thus was born the ProKennex Flight Series.

I was giddy with excitement to get these paddles into the hands of players across the country, and hopefully the world.

Since we created a single piece paddle, the core of the paddle was of utmost importance.

We discovered this carbon fiber application that is used in aerospace engineering called Toray T700.

The Toray core is so powerful it virtually makes it impossible to break, but what makes it especially unique, and why it’s used so much in aerospace, is the lightweight nature of the raw material.

It would be perfect for a ProKennex Pickleball paddle.

Never again would someone need to worry about breaking their paddle if they bought a ProKennex paddle.

We also became the first paddle company to create a 9-sided paddle grip, like tennis.

The bevels on a grip are so important in tennis; how could this not be included in Pickleball.

We were also the first to add our logo on the butt-cap of the paddle.

But let me get back to the paddle.

We had our Toray T700 core but then we needed the best honey-comb core in the world.

That search took over 6 months of researching, testing and sourcing to find the perfect honeycomb core.

Once we found it, we bought out their entire stock.

We wanted to make sure we had consistency in all our future paddle orders and wanted to control the humidity requirements to make sure this perfect honeycomb core would stay intact.

We called it “Cloud Core Technology” as the honeycomb was spaced further apart than lesser quality products, resulting in lighter weight and adding power and accuracy to your shot.

As for the surface, I wanted a paddle I could rip a groundstroke with a ton of power, but also oozed with texture and touch for the kitchen and drop-shops.

We came up with a Proprietary “Diamond Frost” micro texture that is applied directly to the surface of the paddle.

The texture applicant adds microscopic teeth to the paddle face that activates when the shot calls for touch while not affecting powerful groundstrokes, returns and serves.

The last thing we had to solve was protecting the paddle.

A three piece paddle can use its rubber-band to hide its engineering edge flaws while also creating a bumper for chipping and scratching.

Our engineering with the one-piece paddle had to be flawless with our edgeless design.

The aerodynamics by making the paddle edgeless was unreal, but we needed some protection for the paddle.

We created the patented “Air-O-Guard” system which is a replaceable edge guard for your ProKennex paddle that is designed by aerospace engineers.

the cherry-on-top would be the

Kinetic technology

Even if we had decided not to make a single-piece paddle with innovations and sourcing that was lightyears ahead of anything our competitors could do, the kinetic technology would still make this the best paddle to use.

But I was putting my name behind this paddle and it was a reflection of not only me but where I believed the industry could and would go.

We had our paddle.

Now the big question - how do we price it?

The truth is, paddle prices have gone out of control.

The deeper truth is that as prices have gone up, paddle technology for 99% of the paddle companies out there hasn’t improved.

We knew that our costs to manufacture a paddle was way more expensive than anyone else, but I also knew I needed the paddle accessible enough for many players to benefit from.

It would have the power to help thousands of people needlessly suffering from arm-injury and strain.

An investment in this paddle would be an investment in a player’s health.


Having a paddle that reduces shock and vibration into the arm will ultimately save player’s hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars in physical therapy, braces, medication and other haphazard ‘solutions.’

trust me, i know.

I pontificated on the price for a while.

I was still lost on how much to sell it for.

Our groundbreaking pickleball paddle has technology in it that no other paddle on the planet offers (saving players emotional and financial woes caused by arm injuries is worth a fortune).

I also had dozens of new paddle ideas that I needed the funds to create in the future to continue to push the sport forward.

Businessmen in my community and one potential investor said I was sitting on a literal gold mine.

They told me I could easily sell this paddle for $500 or $400 and people would not hesitate buying it to avoid the money and agony in the long run.

It’s a work-of-art, the first truly custom crafted single piece Pickleball paddle made by professional players.

Although they had a valid point, i

didn’t listen.

Greed was the last thing I needed at this point.

I had done 90% of the work to get this paddle to market, I didn’t want to turn off the community I considered family by releasing a paddle that was reserved for the 1%.

I wanted to make sure this paddle was accessible to the majority of pickleball players and that the benefits could be widespread.

That is why I decided to ignore the true market value of the paddle and offer the Prokennex Pro Flight Series at $189.95.

I had frustrated back office executives by demanding it be priced under $200, but what I did next took their frustration to another level.

In my mind, a $189 paddle is still super expensive, despite it being the categorically best value in Pickleball paddles.

There were two years of R&D put into this paddle. Scouring the planet for the best raw materials to make this paddle 7.5 oz of pure Pickleball power, speed and touch.

And the kinetic technology would sell itself.

Plus, I had been playing for over a year through the development process with prototype paddles with Kinetic technology and my tennis elbow, once again, vanished.

I wanted to stand proudly behind what we had done.

I wanted to guarantee it...

So along with the $189 price point, I insisted that we allow anyone who wants to try the ProKennex difference be granted a 30-day, risk free, no questions asked refund policy.

That had left the business people on the manufacturing side dumb-founded.

Speechless at first.

“You’ll be out of business in a month.”

“That’s not how it’s done”

“There aren’t cheap paddles like others, offering returns will cripple us.”

I had heard it all.

But there was one thing they didn’t know, that I did.

No other paddle played this well.

And for those that had arm pain, once they found the antidote to allow them to play pain-free, they would never play with anything else.

The negotiations were intense, but I finally made a bold proclamation…

That truly scared me to death and put a huge lump in my throat after saying…

“I’ll cover the cost of the refunds if we have an unsustaining amount.”

I was willing to put my money where my mouth was.

Reluctantly, everyone agreed.

There’s something about putting your money where your mouth is that helps you get your way.


The time had come to unleash the Power of ProKennex to the Pickleball world.

We had our paddle, our price, our website and we were ready to rock-n-roll.

It was a scene right out of a movie.

We launched the paddle and had a big celebration.

There was so much hype around the launch and everyone in my community that played with the prototype paddle had fallen in love with it.

What could go wrong.

It was 10am PST and the ProKennex Pro Flight was launched.

But the orders didn’t come.

I had a pit in my stomach that I’d never experienced before.

“What had I done”

Just in the preliminary stages of a full anxiety ridden melt-down we got a notification that Ralph Gustav had bought a paddle.

I’ll never forget that name.

Then another came in, Lauren Hilary.

Then another.
And another.

Orders were flying in and the mood instantly shifted from depression to excitement.

That lasted for a mere 2 minutes.

And then we went back to fear…

We were going to sell out of paddles. We didn’t have enough to meet this demand.

If we kept this pace we’d be sold out in a week.

I quickly grabbed the phone and called ProKennex and told them,

“We need 5,000 more Pro Flight paddles!”

And so the story has continued.

Which leads us to the present day.

We still haven’t been able to crack the code on production estimates.

Each time we do a production run of more paddles,
We say to ourselves, “this will be MORE than enough.”
And each time we sell out WAY faster than predicted.

Today, we’re in a cool position where we just received a bunch more Pro Flight paddles for sale.

We’re finally able to accept orders again after being sold-out for so long.
The next steps are super simply.

And then Once you click on the blue button that says:

You will be taken to a check out page where you can buy the paddle directly from me ensuring you get an authentic Pro Flight Speed Paddle and not some counterfeit model sold by imposters.

Buying Direct from ProKennex also means you get a “Free ProKennex Cover” along with your purchase, which is a $19 value.

We pay for shipping. Usually 2-day shipping unless you live super far from California.


fast shipping

You’ll join my email list where I provide ProKennex paddle owners that buy directly from us 22-days of Free Drill Videos.


You’ll be able to communicate directly with my team who will facilitate any support question you have about the paddles.

Let’s not forget you can try the paddle with the comfort of a 30-day money-back guarantee.

We know once you’ll try this paddle you’ll be in the ProKennex family for life.

And as such, we love to treat our customers with respect and generosity.

Seriously, you literally have nothing to lose.

We ship with care directly to you from our warehouse at the Bobby’s Riggs Racket & Paddle Club in Encinitas and, like I mentioned, most paddles arrive within 2 business days, free of charge.

the choice is simple...

You could continue playing with outdated technology and exacerbate your current ailments and endanger your pickleball playing days.

Or you can switch to a paddle that will allow you to play Pickleball for the next 5, 10 or 40 years without pain.

This is a decision you should not take lightly, but I wouldn’t take too long to decide as feverish demand is a constant with these paddles.

In fact, my Prokennex Pro Flight is so popular it's no longer available on many of the top pickleball websites and we have no more stock to give them to re-supply.

Luckily for you, as I mentioned, we still have a few left in stock.

Take control of your long term health and get the paddle that will not only make you a better pickleball player by playing with free-flow, void of any arm pain, but may just save you a needless amount of medical bills from enduring arm injury.

Click the button below to get your very own Prokennex Pro Flight paddle for $189 and claim all the bonuses and gifts - Free Shipping, Free ProKennex Paddle Cover, Free 22-Days of Drills Series, and Free 30-Day Returns.




Paddle Cover


22-Days of Drills Series


30-Days Returns