"Doctors Told Me I Had to Quit Pickleball Forever Due To An Arm Injury: How I Proved Them All Wrong With This (1) Equipment Change" - Steve Dawson

Learn how thousands of Pickleball players are implementing this (1) equipment change to add longevity to their playing career while winning more games.

It took you a while, but you finally found the game you love.


You initially picked up the paddle because so many people were describing Pickleball as a fun, approachable and exciting game for all ages and skill levels.

You had always enjoyed being active

And wanted to play a game that was competitive, social with an invigorating splash from the fountain of youth.

Just like the millions before you

You caught the bug, the Pickleball bug.

You quickly got the hang of the game, and even won some good matches.

Your dink game was becoming strategic and you even started working on 3rd shot techniques.

Your game was improving and you began to feel a sense of flow to your game. Everything was getting better.

Until it wasn’t...

Now your body is full of unfamiliar aches and sores.

You worry that you might even get seriously injured and need to sit out for weeks, months or even worse….have to go under the knife for a risky surgery.

Maybe you even feel isolated and worry that the invites to compete may diminish if you can’t keep up with your cohort of Pickleball friends.

“How did this happen?” you ask yourself.

Believe it or not, this is an all too common tale within the pickleball world.

In fact, I hear it daily.

Take the story of Thomas from San Diego. Six years ago his doctor told him the devastating news that he has debilitating arthritis in his right shoulder.

(Thomas circa 2016 playing in pain with an arthritic shoulder)

His doctor told him the only solution was surgery and that he may never be able to play the same again- his serve wouldn’t have the same level of accuracy, ever.

Guess what? Thomas never had that shoulder surgery.


By the grace of the pickleball Gods, Thomas was one of the lucky ones who discovered that a simple equipment change would allow him to keep playing pickleball at a competitive level - pain free!

There are many others just like Thomas who found the secret to increasing the longevity of their pickleball days while also enhancing their performance on the court.

The reality is that everyone around you is probably suffering from wear and tear on their bodies, even if they never admit it.

Oftentimes our mind just ignores the pain signals, unwilling to recognize that something is wrong.

These pickleball players not only play pickleball the wrong way, more dangerously, they play with the wrong equipment, subjecting themselves to unnecessary and costly bodily harm.

They severely fail to realize their equipment decisions puts their Pickleball playing days in constant jeopardy

They continually over extend their physical capabilities with faulty equipment in a desperate attempt to stay competitive.

It's ineffective, dangerous and can result in irreparable damage to the body.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

What if I told you there is one simple change you can make to not only improve your pickleball skills, but more importantly extend the longevity of your playing days while reducing aches and pains?

Thankfully, If this sounds like you, this letter will radically change your entire pickleball playing experience adding decades of longevity to your playing career while simultaneously improving your dinks, drop shots, serves and volleys.

This is my story and I think it can help you.

If you love pickleball as much as I do and you suffer from arthritis, sore shoulders, aching wrists, tennis elbow, painful arthritis or a lingering sports related injury then its in your best interest to keep reading.

I know exactly what you are going through.

It's frustrating. It’s discouraging. It can even be a little scary to feel like your body isn’t keeping up with your love for the sport.

Like many Pickleball players I was originally dedicated to the sport of Tennis.

I was a 2 time Big-8 Tennis Champion for the University of Oklahoma and an ITF World Tennis Champion.

I was on top of the world…...and then in a blink of an eye I wasn’t.

While on an athletic scholarship I suffered a devastating injury to my serving arm. I had to drop out of college for an entire year just to rehabilitate my arm.

I came back the next year and learned to play hurt. It was terrible.

My fears and anxieties were at an all time high - what if I injure myself even more?

The power in my serve was gone and the pain started to wear me down mentally, physically and emotionally.

My dreams of being a professional tennis player were fading. I felt lost and hopeless.

I was losing a part of my identity.

I was devastated, but I didn’t want to give up.


- Physical therapy- helped relieve the pain, but only momentarily. I ended up spending $1000s with no permanent results.

- Personal trainer- My injuries worsened because I was in a constant state of recovery

- OTC pain relievers- I hated the harmful side effects and it was clearly a short term solution.

- Braces and splints- negatively affected my play and only put a “band-aid” on the root cause of my pain.

- Ice and rest- Provided relief, but the aches and pains came roaring back as soon as I started playing again.

- Surgery- the doctor told me it would only have a 66% success rate and that I would lose power in my swing. Too risky for me.

The harsh reality is that None of these remedies addressed the physiological and Kinesiological mechanisms behind the cause of my injury and pain

I knew there had to be a better way.

For years I scoured the internet and implored my network of friends for a solution only to be discouraged and dismayed.

Everyone was using the same ineffective methods to address the issue.

I was about to give up and just accept that I would never be able to play again.

Then lightning stuck

Almost a decade after my career ending injury I stumbled upon an innovative yet little known tennis racket company called Prokennex.

Prokennex’s sole mission was to make sports equipment exclusively for people who were suffering from racket sport injuries and soreness.

Their technology sounded promising and gave me a glimmer of hope, but I was still skeptical.

I dug deeper and learned that Prokennex invented an ingenious technology that takes shock and vibration out of tennis rackets, so that people with tennis elbow and other injuries could continue to play - pain free.

I had to know more.

So after dropping out of College due to the arm injury I started playing with this revolutionary racket that implemented their patented “kinetic technology” (more on that later).

I wanted to see what all the fuss was about and if this kinetic racket technology they invented could truly help me return to the game I loved so much.

WOW! Telling you that I was floored, shocked and amazed by the arm saving benefits of this racket would be an understatement.

After one day of playing tennis with the Prokennex kinetic technology enabled racket my entire world changed for the better.

My arm got better. Heck, my arm even got stronger. I was back to serving 110mph and ripping my signature one-handed backhand

The best part was that my excruciating aches and pains were GONE.

I was thriving on the court and in life.

It’s rare we get a second chance in life.

And I felt humbled and grateful ProKennex gave my career a second chance.

I started playing national Tennis at the 30, 35, 40, 45 and the 50 year old tournaments all across the country and the world.

My arm felt like it did back in my early 20s and I started dominating the sport again.

My competitors who had written me off as a “has been” started texting me after tournaments asking me what my secret was - one opponent even asked if I was taking PEDs (performance enhancing drugs)!

They were so wrong.

My winning streak only got better as I aged.

I became an IATF World Championship of tennis at 45 and for a brief moment I was #1 in the United States in Men’s Double, 50 and over.

I felt like I had been reborn. I had been given a new lease on my athletic career.

I had to give all the credit to the Prokennex Kinetic technology allowing me to play pain free without worrying about if I was causing permanent damage to my arm.

Even my doctor who suggested I quit playing years before was dumbfounded by my progress and encouraged me to keep playing tennis.

I was elated and almost giddy about finding this “fountain of youth” that nobody knew about - it became my secret weapon.

And then everything changed - I played Pickleball one time that year and instantly fell in love with the game.

I came home that night and I told my wife, “I’m quitting tennis.”

I had an indescribable feeling of discovery about the sport I had been unconsciously looking for.

I fell in love with Pickleball and gave up everything for it.

It struck my soul.

Hi, I’m Steve Dawson and I’m a multiple US Open and US National Pickleball Champion.

I’m Also the owner of Bobby’s Riggs Racket & Paddle Club in Encinitas, rated the Top Pickleball Facility of 2020.

As my professional pickleball career started taking off I started to feel haunting whispers from my distant past.

The pain came back with vengeance.

It wasn’t just me.

Pickleball players of all ages were asking me for advice on how to treat sore shoulders, tennis elbow, arthritis and sore wrists.

I knew exactly what they were going through and it pained me to see them trying outdated and hazardous solutions to their physical problems, much like the ones I tried decades ago.

It also broke my heart to see people being forced to quit playing the amazing sport of pickleball.

What happens to pickleball players who never address the root cause of their physical ailments? They end up watching their friends and family play from the sidelines.

I knew exactly what was happening to these players.

Imagine punching a wall with your hand 20,000 times.

Even if you hit the wall lightly, over time the tissue, cartilage, joints, nerves and muscles in your hand will crumble to dust.

This is what is happening to your wrist, arm and shoulder when you swing a paddle that doesn’t absorb the shock of the shot over and over.

It doesn’t matter if you are a 24 year old professional or a 60 year old beginner, pickleball players at any level experience aches, pains and injuries from this repetitive action.

These pickleball players were making the same mistake I had made - only treating the symptoms of their pickleball injuries and ailments - never the root cause.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”

93% of pickleball injuries and painful ailments are due to shocks and vibrations that occur from repetitively hitting a pickleball with a traditional pickleball paddle.

Lets face it, pickleball paddle design really hasn’t changed that much in the last decade.

After hearing countless stories from frustrated pickleball players, I couldn't let these people go down the same painful path I had endured.

The pickleball world needed a solution that wasn’t yet available on the market or even talked about in the world of Pickleball.

I knew EXACTLY what the pickleball community needed. It was so obvious to me, but nobody else.

I knew I had a modern solution to an age old problem

I immediately contacted my good friend, Kevin Gilbert, the president at Prokennex.

I told him, “Kevin, Pickleball desperately needs your kinetic technology!”

The rest is history .

I knew in my heart that bringing the Kinetic technology into the pickleball world would save thousands of players from the same fate I suffered years ago.

Think about it, What would happen if you kept playing pickleball the same way as you are doing now? Are your physical woes going to magically disappear?

Are you making the right decisions today that will allow you to play pickleball tomorrow?

As a 60 year old Pickleball champion I know what it takes to win, but more importantly I know what it takes to stay healthy.

Kevin Gilbert at ProKennex is a tennis purist, but took a chance on what I was asking and gave me carte blanche to create the world’s best Pickleball paddle using ProKennex’s arm saving kinetic technology

As I set out to create the perfect paddle I became the ideal “guinea pig” for this revolutionary Prokennex invention. I was so excited I could barely sleep most nights.

I had to get the paddle perfect

Most importantly I had to make sure that the Kinetic technology absorbed the power, torque, and vibration of a Pickleball into the paddle the same way it does so flawlessly with a tennis racket

It wasn’t easy.

The Prokennex owner would send me the new pickleball paddles we designed together and I acted as a litmus test for how effective the technology was in providing power and speed, but most importantly keeping me free of pain and injury while playing pickleball.

I worked tirelessly to ensure the paddle performed at the highest level of competitive play while eliminating the damanaging wear and tear on the human body that comes from hitting a pickleball over and over and over.

I tested the paddles at home, at my club and in tournaments. I was obsessed.

After two years, and hundreds of tweaks and modifications, I finally had the perfect pickleball paddle.

Let me introduce you to the Prokennex Pro Flight Speed - The most innovative and revolutionary pickleball paddle ever invented.

Over two years in the making, the ProKennex Kinetic technology I incorporated into the Prokennex Pro Flight Speed employs a highly sensitive timing system with internal tungsten-filled chambers that reduce vibration and focus energy more efficiently.

This pickleball paddle is a quantum leap in paddle design, incorporating the proven Kinetic Energy technology which is specifically made to prevent and treat arm and elbow injuries while delivering world class playability.

Our studies by MIT labs show that this technology can help reduce energy translation to the handle, reducing harmful impact forces that can cause or aggravate arthritis, sprains, tenniditious, sore muscles, achy joints and arm injuries

The best part - it was created by Pickleball players, for Pickleball players. Not a product engineer like so many other paddles.

Bingo! We had done it - We created the perfect pickleball paddle.
Let’s take a moment and dive into the technology behind the kinetic system - it still blows my mind to this day:
But I didn’t stop there…

As a champion professional pickleball player I needed a paddle that not onlyabsorbedthe balls impact reducing harmful shock and vibration -I needed a paddle that was made for winners, perfect touch and performed aerodynamically at the highest level.

During the painstaking two years of research and development we added these key features that make this the highest performing paddle on the planet:
  • State of the art Toray T700 Carbon Fiber Pickleball paddle with perfect blend of power and control. Its virtually impossible to break this paddle with its graphite inlay
  • New Cloud Core technology reduces the paddle’s weight due to wider spacing in the honeycomb design adding power and accuracy to your swings.
  • Proprietary Diamond Frost micro texture coats the hitting surface with a compound uniquely capable of adding surface contact with the ball, which not only imparts more spin, but lasts longer than traditional surfaces so you can access more spin for a longer period of time. This alone makes the ProFlight better than any other paddle.
  • An Original Air-O-Guard system achieves paddle protection without the weight and balance problems of current, outdated guards. edge guard wears out, instead of replacing the paddle like you do with all other companies, simply replace your AIR -O-GUARD with a brand new one which can be found wherever FLIGHT paddles are sold.

CLOUD CELL™ core system: Absorbs The Balls Energy Reducing Harmful Vibration And Shocks

Protect Your Arm And Extend Your Play Time While Increasing Power and Ball Spin!!

My goal in life to make sure that the sport of Pickleball continues to grow and prosper - my dream is to see pickleball in the Olympics before my time is up.

Allowing people to play pickleball longer, healthier and happier is the primary way to allow this sport to grow across the nation and the world.

I also don’t want to see countless players spending their hard earned money on useless and pointless solutions to manage their aches and pains.

An investment in this paddle is an investment in yourself and your health.

Having a paddle that dramatically reduces the amount of vibration energy passed through the handle and into your arm will ultimately save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in physical therapy, braces, pain pills and other haphazard “solutions”.

Trust me, I know.

Finally, it was time for me to bring this paddle to market.

I was lost on how much to sell it for.

Our groundbreaking pickleball paddle has technology in it that no other paddle on the planet offers (saving players emotional and financial woes caused by arm injuries is worth a fortune).

Businessmen and potential investors said I was sitting on a gold mine.

They told me I could easily sell this paddle for $500 or $400 and people would buy it knowing that it would save them boatloads of money and agony in the long run. It’s a work-of-art, the first truly crafted Pickleball paddle.

Although they had a valid point, I didn’t listen.

I wanted to make sure this paddle was accessible to the majority of pickleball players and that the benefits could be widespread.

That is why I decided to ignore the true market value the paddle and for a limited time offer the Prokennex Pro Flight Speed at $189.95.

My goal is to help any player that suffers from arm-injury or strain with our Kinetic technology. I'm so confident that this paddle is the REAL DEAL that I continued to go against business advisors and demanded that we offer 100% Free Returns for 30-days. No questions asked. If you don't love it, send it back for a full refund.

There really is no reason not to test-drive the most technologically advanced and pure craftsman style paddle that is dreamed up, designed and created by professional players.

Custom content

Kinetic Pro Flight Speed Pickleball Paddle

Engineered to reduce harmful shock and vibration
  • Weight: 7.5 ounces
  • Grip Style: Comfort Cushion
  • Grip Circumference: 4"
  • Handle Length:5"
  • Paddle Length: 15.5"
  • Paddle Width: 7.6"
  • Edge Guard:Replaceable Air-O-Guard
  • Face Materials:Carbon with Diamond Frost surface texture
  • Core Material:Cloud Cell Poly Honeycomb

The New Kinetic™ Pro Flight Speed Cloud Cell Core + Diamond Frost™ Coating + Air-O-Guard™ System + USAPA Approved.

I'm only offering this exclusive deal of $189.95 for a limited time as supplies are limited.

Once you click on the green button that says “YES! I Want My Own Kinetic Pro Flight Speed Paddle” you will be taken to a check out page where you can buy the paddle direct from me ensuring you get an authentic Pro Flight Speed Paddle and not some counterfeit model sold by imposters.

We ship with care directly to you from our warehouse at the Bobby’s Riggs Racket & Paddle Club in Encinitas

I'm so confident that you will love this paddle and that you’ll never want to play with another paddle ever again,

However, if for some reason you aren’t satisfied with your purchase you can contact me and my staff directly and we will go out of our way to make sure you are satisfied.

The choice is simple. .

You could continue playing with outdated technology and exacerbate your current ailments and endanger your pickleball playing days

Or you can switch to a paddle that will allow you to play Pickleball for the next 5, 10 or 40 years without pain.

This is a decision you should not take lightly, but I wouldn’t take too long to decide as other resellers are already sold out of this revolutionary paddle due to feverish demand.

In fact, my Prokennex Pro Flight Speed is so popular it's no longer available on many of the top pickleball websites:

Luckily for you, I still have a few left in stock.

Don’t wait any longer as supplies are limited.

Take control of your long term health and get the paddle that will not only make you a better pickleball player, but may just save you countless years of aches and pains.

Click the button below to get your very own Prokennex Pro Flight Speed paddle for the discounted price of $300 $189.95

Still have questions? Check out our FAQ below:

  • What is the Prokennex ProFlight Paddle?

    The Kinetic Pro Flight Speed is the latest ProKennex paddle. After over two years in research and development, our engineers developed a proprietary 7-layer carbon fiber surface coating and complex composite, including our proprietary Diamond Frost coating which produces unparalleled ball spin while resisting wear and tear.

    This unique approach delivers a performance paddle like no other that gives you ultimate consistency, accelerated ball velocity, an extra large sweet spot, maximum spin, and perfect feel. Simply put, the Pro Flight Speed delivers the speed and consistency you need to take your Pickleball game to another level.

  • How is this paddle different from other paddles on the market?

    The majority of paddles on the market can be classified as sport “toys”, which can be found in Walmart and other generic big box stores, but are marketed and sold online as “professional paddles”. We pride ourselves in creating high end sporting equipment that includes craftsmanship and attention to detail that is unrivaled in the sport of Pickleball.

    Our Kinetic Paddle System™ (eliminating harmful shock and vibration to the arm) and Diamond Frost™ (increasing ball spin) technologies are proprietary and are not found with any other paddle on the market.

    We’ve never made a paddle that hasn’t significantly altered the landscape of how the game of pickleball is played and this is our most powerful paddle to date.

  • How does the paddle help with sore arms, shoulders, elbows and wrists?

    Our proprietary Prokennex Kinetic technology uses micro-bearings and Newtonian physics to take the ball energy (shock, torque and vibration) and absorb it into the Kinetic chambers.

    After impact, a shock wave is released into the paddle from the ball and is immediately absorbed into the kinetic chambers in the paddle virtually eliminating vibration to the arm. This energy transfer shields the player from harmful impact forces making for enhanced touch, feel, and kitchen play while reducing strain, fatigue and soreness.

  • How does this paddle help with ball spin?

    99% of paddles are made with the same generic surface material that is sourced from the same supplier - they just change the name of the paddle. Not good.

    The surface of the Pro Flight Speed is made up of our proprietary Diamond Frost technology that is made exclusively for ProKennex. The Diamond Frost blend is made up of sharp microscopic grooves, which means more particles per square inch than any other paddle resulting in longer dwell time on the face. This longer dwell time allows your swing to control the ball more and also imparts more spin on the ball.

  • I’m a beginner to intermediate player. Is the Kinetic Pro Flight for me?

    Yes, we recommend the Pro Flight paddle for beginner to pro players. The paddle is made for whomever wants the best pickleball paddle ever made irregardless of experience. The extra consistency and easy speed deliver s what you need to take your game to another level.

  • What shapes are available in the Pro Flight Series?

    The ProKennex Kinetic Flight paddles come in two shapes. The standard Speed Shape is rectangular with a traditional size and width with a sweet spot that plays slightly up the face like similar squared up paddles and the Ovation Speed Shape that puts the sweet spot of the paddle right in the center of the oval shape, perfect for ex-tennis players who love to watch the ball strike right in the middle of face of the paddle.

  • Is the Pro Flight Paddle available with other grip options?

    No, all our paddles come in standard grip length of 5" with a grip circumference of 4” tapered (Small). Actual grip sizes may vary up to 1/8".

  • Why is the paddle weight listed as a range? Why can I not select the specific weight of my paddle?

    The Flight Series of Paddles are lighter weight than ProKennex’s original releases, coming in at 7.3 – 7.6 oz.

    ProKennex manufacturing processes produce the least amount of variance in the industry. The majority of companies produce their paddles and then weigh what has been produced: An accident, not a procedure. We will not do that. Our studies have found that paddles significantly below the 7oz threshold deliver unnecessary shock to the arm, while paddles significantly above the 7oz threshold, while more arm protective, become too cumbersome to move quickly. Our weight range exists in this middle sweet spot. We have done your homework for you.

    It may also be noted that Pro Kennex paddles, unlike any other company, are designed and play tested and approved by US OPEN and NATIONAL Pickleball Champions, from player to production, not visa versa, with the assurance to our customers that their performance is our desire. We stand behind our decisions.

  • Why is the price higher than other paddles?

    The Kinetic Pro Flight Speed paddle is our highest-value paddle yet and the pricing reflects two years of research and development, higher-grade materials, and newly developed manufacturing processes, and state-of-the-art technology.

    And it is priced similarly to the other Top Paddles on the Market, but with a multitude of better technology and design.

    The injury-proofing nature of ProKennex Pro Flight REALLY separates this paddle from every one else.

    And at the price point of $179, countless players have saved thousands of dollars in unforeseen expenses that are sure to creep up along the way if using a traditional paddle. Such as...

    1) You'll save on costly arm, wrist, shoulder and elbow braces.

    This paddle absorbs vibration instead of transferring that injury-inducing-energy to your arm (root cause of pain and injury). Not to mention the potential medical bills that could come from years of absorbing paddle vibration in the arm.

    2) You'll be able to play longer and with more strength due to its featherweight aerodynamic design.

    3) You will not break this paddle. The graphite inlay makes it virtually indestructible. I can't tell you how many paddles I see broken at my club, especially during the colder days and nights. The big paddle companies won't include this as they profit when you break their paddles. Not us.

    Simply put, the price reflects the quality, performance and revolutionary technology that is not offered by any other paddle on the market.

  • I hear something that sounds like sand in the paddle, is this normal?

    The sand-like substance you hear in your paddle is our patented kinetic bead technology. These materials help absorb shock and contribute to the special touch and other characteristics of our paddles. It may sound like something is loose inside, but this is completely normal.

  • What's the Warranty on my paddle?

    Paddles come with a limited 1 year warranty that cover factory and manufacturing defects. For full details, and to see what defines normal wear and tear vs. factory defect please see our return and shipping page.