Our Technology

Patented Kinectic System
Designed to evenly react to the force of impact and provide exact precision control.
The Prokennex Kinetic technology uses micro-bearings and Newtonian physics to take the ball energy (shock, torque and vibration) and absorb it into the Kinetic chambers.
After impact, a shock wave is released into the paddle from the ball and is immediately absorbed into the kinetic chambers in the paddle virtually eliminating vibration to the arm. This energy transfer shields the player from harmful impact forces making for enhanced touch, feel, and kitchen play.
Optimizes dwell time; Renowned for Eliminating Harmful Shock & Vibration for Unparalleled Arm Protection and injury risk reduction.
Carbon Fiber Varietal
We sourced premium carbon fiber - Toray T700 - for our paddles. This carbon fiber varietal is the strongest material used in any pickleball paddle, as measured by its tensile strength, allowing for aggressive play day and night.
This Proprietary 7-layer carbon fiber surface coating and complex composite, including specially treated soft skin with spin-grab feature, is neatly heat-bonded to the polypropylene honeycomb core to withstand competitive play, maintain consistency and maximizes legal spin potential.
Sleek Silhouette Design
Other paddles have cool graphics and focus less on performance. We stand for the opposite of that - our sleek silhouette design makes a statement - "I'm here to play."
Our in retreated carbon-cap perimeter design creates a solid feel without losing touch combined with a focus on aerodynamic efficiency for maximum tip speed yielding the fastest reflex response to hot volleys.
Our RAW Carbon Fiber surface measures the highest roughness factors on the market. This allows pickleball players to play with advanced spin shots and increased control for dinking in the kitchen.
1-Year Limited Warranty:
All Prokennex paddles come with a 1-Year Limited warranty that covers broken handles, handle cave ins and defective surface/face damage.
Any new unopened items may be returned within 30 days of delivery for a full refund.