Our Story

We LOVE Pickleball


Steve and Jennifer Dawson, both ITF world tennis champions, and owners of the top rated 2020 Pickleball Club of the Year
Bobby Riggs Racket and Paddle Club, were introduced to Pickleball weeks after purchasing the tennis club. They both quickly became avid Pickleballers and lovers of the game, and quickly ascended the tournament world to both become US OPEN Professional Champions.
As tennis and Pickleball champions, it became apparent to them both that the worlds best sporting technology was not alive in the Pickleball world.
Teaming up with PROKENNEX, they designed a paddle 2 1/2 years in the making, the PRO SPEED, the first paddle ever designed by players, for players, bringing state of the art design and construction to the world of Pickleball. Think speed. Think performance. Think having more fun on the court while winning more games.


No other marquee can claim a better track record when it comes to designing and manufacturing thoroughbred racket equipment, whether under our own brand or for others, and for over 5 decades ProKennex has remained true to its ethos established by its founders: create the highest performing Pickleball paddles and Rackets on the planet.

Court competition is our heartland.  During our history, our innovative engineering approach and problem solving expertise has resulted in more racket patents issued than all other brands combined. We design to excite and perform, our breadth of technical knowledge and understanding is unrivaled.
After two years of R&D, we are proud and excited to introduce our most elite paddle ever to the Pickleball community - the KINETIC PRO SPEED. Impregnated within each ProKennex paddle is the Kinetic System. The Prokennex Kinetic technology uses micro-bearings and Newtonian physics to take the ball energy (shock, torque and vibration) and absorb it into the Kinetic chambers. Tungsten beads within the immovable chambers dampen and reduce shock and vibration keeping your arm safe.  According to MIT Sports Dynamic Laboratory the "Vibration dampening ratio enhancement is 43%", "Power zone enlargement is about 12 to 15%" and "Shock reduction is better than 20%".

Our innovative engineering team and team of US OPEN Professional Champion players continue to work tirelessly to enhance Pickleball products and advance the game of Pickleball - we are just getting started!resulted in more racket patents issued than all other brands combined. Paddles made by players for players.