Pro Kennex manufacturing processes produce the least amount of variance in the industry.  The majority of companies produce their paddles and then weigh what has been produced: An accident, not a procedure.   We will not do that.  Our studies have found that paddles significantly below the 8oz threshold deliver unnecessary shock to the arm, while paddles significantly above the 8oz threshold, while more arm protective, become too cumbersome to move quickly.  Our weight range exists in this middle sweet spot.  We have done your homework for you.  That being said, future models in the prototype development phase may be available in specific weights once we have thoroughly play tested them and have approved their performance.

It may also be noted that Pro Kennex paddles, unlike any other company, are designed and play tested by and approved for performance by US OPEN and NATIONAL Pickleball Champions, from player to production, not visa versa,  with the assurance to our customers that their performance is our desire.  We stand behind our decisions.

- Steve Dawson, Co-Founder, Paddle Developer, National Champion.

As soon as you get your new paddle, we highly recommend applying the included Training Tape right away. It is meant to protect your investment (and the upper edges of the paddle from court surface scratching). The Pro Speed paddle comes with two pieces, and the Ovation Speed comes with one long strip. If you need to purchase more, we sell them here on our site in 'accessories'. In a pinch, any generic electrical tape will work.

Center the piece(s) of tape on the edge. There will be excess tape hovering over the front and back side. Gently place down in the center, then fold and secure the excess to the front and back of paddle face. (See photos below for finished placement).

It's important to note that cosmetic wear and tear on this paddle does not have negative effects on the playability of the paddle. Whereas most paddles become dysfunctional once edges get damaged, the Prokennex will endure with minimal change to play.


The sand-like substance you hear in your paddle is our patented kinetic bead technology. These materials help absorb shock and contribute to the special touch and other characteristics of our paddles. It may sound like something is loose inside, but this is completely normal.


Paddles come with a limited 1 year warranty that cover factory and manufacturing defects. For full details, and to see what defines normal wear and tear vs. factory defect, please see info our Shipping & Returns page.

Absolutely! USAPA ambassadors receive a 27% discount on paddles. (Limited to 3 paddles per make/model and not valid for resale). To claim, please email [email protected] with a photo of your USAPA business card. We will supply you with a discount code to use.